Monday, June 8, 2009

Tree Inventory to Begin Soon

The tree inventory aspect of the Community Forestry project will start soon. We will be selecting areas of the city, such as parks, neighborhoods, and sections of streets, in which to conduct inventories.

We will be collecting numerous pieces of data, ranging from species, trunk diameter, the condition of leaves and branches, and the degree to which maintenance is required. After all of the information is gathered from the field, we will then input it into two computer programs. One program, called SRATUM, will give us an estimated monetary value of the benefits that our trees provide us. The other program, called GIS, will allow us to incorporate the inventory data into computerized maps for easy reference.

In the future, the inventories will greatly help us in efficiently managing our trees. In the mean time, anyone interested in more information or possibly volunteering to help with the inventory is welcome to contact us.

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